New Directory Site – My Personal Build

In all honesty.. I build directories week after week, know them inside and out. Im fortunate enough to have new clients filter in weekly from my youtube channel as well as a couple FB groups I manage all about directories. I realize I like fast money – always have. I think the process of owning a directory is a slow start building up to something wonderful but the slow start kinda always throws me off.. Its like charging a client $99 a month for a new design instead of $999. It doesnt take but one push in the right direction (for me it was hosting and maintenance) to realize some of those subscriptions don’t run out till the card expires. Netflix is the perfect example of this, we don’t even watch netflix anymore and still don’t cancel it. Directories are huge with SEO and get out a lot easier than the average site and I finally got a chance to do something I would enjoy.

So I tried for days to find a domain name, even had friends help, AI help in groups of 50 domains at a time. I couldn’t really see anything I liked that wasn’t taken already. Then finally after talking with an SEO guy it made more sense not to try to brand it just yet, but more focus on keywords and the traffic. Nobody would really be searching for my short keyword that wasn’t already a brand name you know. Were people searching for Pepsi before it was Pepsi? The answer was obvious, so after a bit of keyword searching for optimal paired words and I will tell you this niche is saturated with people who bought domains and just sat on them. So… you just moved to a new neighborhood and you need to find a dispensary nearest your location, What do you search for? – almost everyone I asked said the same thing… “Dispensary Near Me” – but that was taken so I went with another keyword just mashed inside of that.

So now the fun part, I’m going to add my unlisted video where I showed a few people what I had going on and yes I know there are a few of these out already. The plan isnt to take over and be the best my first month or even year. The plan is to share a piece of the pie with something unique on my site that I truly feel could be the stepping stone to something great in the industry. This is phase one if you will, the paper copy of the yellow pages that first was dropped off at your door, to hopefully evolve into something even better. You’ve got to watch the video and see where it all started and why. Matter a fact – its launched.. stop by and check it out! Still just testing in beta phase but so far so good. I did end up removing a bunch of features because I was never going to launch, kept pushing it further and further back. Even started rebuilding it at one point… Welp.. join of the groups and make sure to say hello!


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New Directory Site – My Personal Build

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