Listing Pro 2.5 Theme Review

Listing Pro was awesome before but now they have launched the Listing Pro 2.5 Theme. Which has even more features than before. Perfect for creating the best directory or listing site with WordPress.

Listing Pro 2.5 Theme (update)

Listing Pro 2.5 is the perfect solution to creating your next directory or listing website. Users can search for listings near them or in specific locations and get the latest information on that business. While business owners can add or claim their listings using this fully featured theme.  There is even a custom dashboard for your users that allows them to interact with all of the features of the theme.

Listing Pro for business owners offers many key features such as: Ratings and Reviews, Claimed Listings,  Deals & Coupons, Menu Management, Internal Messaging and much much more.. 

Listing Pro  2.5 is super easy to set up and offers many monetization options. Advertisements in spaces such as google ads, Pricing plans for featured listings as well as paid claims. There are plenty of options when using this theme. 



Translate: Translate into any language with a free Loco Translate Plugin.

Wp All Import: Import all your listings from CSV file

Google Adsense Ready

Social Login: Login with Facebook, Google & Twitter

Spam Protection: Using ReCaptcha

Invoices: Branded ready as PDF or print

Tax Ready

Auto Locate: Geolocate instantly by using your ip address or GPS

Near Me: Advanced filter options to sort based on GPS

Get directions or contact business owner

Flag & Report or Save Bookmark

Email Management: Manage all email templates

Notifications & Announcements

I encourage you to try Listing Pro 2.5 if your starting a listing directory type website, I’ve tried many of these listing websites and find this one the best and with the most features.

Get Listing Pro 2.5 Here