ListingPro Admin Can Change Pricing Plan

The admin can change pricing plans from the backend. The code was originally entered but then hidden using commenting.. Currently if you go to your theme editor and navigate to wp-content/themes/listingpro/assetts/css/admin-styles.css Scroll down around line 812 give or take a few lines and start looking for tr#Plan_id {display:none} To temporarily enable this feature simply add […]

ListingPro 2.5 Pricing Plans & Importing Listings This video just covers a few of the comments and questions I was getting about the Listing Plan set up ListingPro 2.5 as well as how to import listings. Get Listing Pro 2.5 Here: ListingPro 2.5 Part 1:… ListingPro 2.5 Part 2:…  More Overnight Tutorials

Listing Pro 2.5 (Part 2) Categories & Homepage

This is the part 2 video of ListingPro 2.5 that goes over a few of the features while setting up. Mainly the category setup for the home page and banner selection and setting up the homepage using elementor and its features. PART 1:… Get Listing Pro 2.5 Here: Get 70% off the Best […]

Creating a Business Listing or Directory Site

This video will cover how to create a listing or business directory using the Listing Pro 2.5 theme. This is one of the #1 themes for starting a Yellow Pages or Yelp type website. This is just a start on a video series I plan to produce into a final product for listings. You can […]

Creating A Blog or News Site This video tutorial will cover creating a blog or news site from start to finish. I use the FREE theme Wp Point. More Overnight Tutorials